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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Sweat is Now Banished

Sadly, the time of open windows is over. I gave in and turned on the central air.

Some of you Northern folks will probably think it's ridiculously early to turn on the A/C, but here we were one of the later hold-outs. This had been a lovely cool spring, but then one day in early May the heat hit and it hit hard.

For some time, Darwin had been hinting that he wouldn't mind a little forced-air refreshment, but I was stubbornly - and stingily - holding out. "Let's just see how long we can go without having to turn it on!" I would say, in the sort of making-something-sucky-into-a-game tone parents use with their toddlers. Even as I worked with the dear heat gun, I shunned the A/C, pretending instead that I was Ashley Judd in A Time to Kill when she was always glistening attractively with Mississippi sweat-pearls.

Then when our neighborhood friends came over to see the house and view our Antique Alley purchases, we were all sitting in the kitchen sweating glistening ... and I gave in.

Darwin raced to close all the windows (which only seemed to be letting in more heat anyway), and we kicked on both A/C units. Ahhhhh, it felt wonderful.

But I'm not totally casting aside my stingy self ... I keep inching the thermostats up.

The cats are the true losers in this deal. They loved hanging out in the open windows, soaking up the sights and smells of birds and grass and bugs. Now, they shove their heads under the blinds or the curtains, but it's just not the same. Poor boys. Maybe we can open the windows again in October.



Jordana said...

We held out until this week too, but even the bit further north that we are in Tennessee makes it a bit cooler at this time of year than down in Alabama as I well remember. We've been inching our thermostats up in the summer and down in the winter. Owning a house with high ceilings and being a cheapskate will do that to a person. When we lived in an apartment where a/c was included we kept the place at 68. Now we usually set the thermostat at no lower than 76 in the summer. Having fans in our bedrooms helps a lot too though.

3:16 PM  
Greg said...

“Air Conditioning”. I vaguely remember that term. Where I grew up in SE Texas we did not live without one. My dad kept our house in a relative deep freeze from late spring to early fall. Where I live now you never need one. I doubt there is an A/C unit installed in a residential home in the entire city. I’ve only lived here for about 5 years now, but I can honestly say this place has the most unique weather in the world. I sleep with at least one blanket on the bed year round. When the temp gets above 75 it makes the news – not the weather – the news. On the other hand, it never gets that cold either. A cold sanp means temps in the mid 30s. It is just bizarre.

5:11 PM  
Jocelyn said...

I know what you mean in the sense of holding out on turning the a/c on. Of course, here we can hold out till July sometimes. I like open windows- it's like you're cooped up all winter because of cold, and then summer comes and I don't want to be cooped up again.

That is so funny you mention that Ashley Judd thing too- that scene where she was painting or something and all sweaty made an impression on me as well. Renovating is sexy-hahaha. That makes me laugh-I wouldn't call it an aphrodisiac that's for sure. Ok I'll stop now.

8:21 PM  
Patricia W said...

I currently live in Arlington, Texas and won't be living in Jackson until some time in July.

It has been close to 100 for the past week and my air conditioning has been on just as long. When I moved here in 1985, I lived in a 'dump' that had no A/C and I survived. I still don't know how I did it except I managed to lose 35 pounds because I couldn't stand the thought of cooking.

I can't wait to get up to Michigan and 'freeze' during summer. Yahoo!!!!!


My mom lived in Monterey for years as a teen-ager. She raves about how wonderful the weather was.

8:28 PM  
Kristin said...

Fans in the bedrooms are a definite must. I can't tolerate heat when I'm trying to sleep.

Grex, the weather sounds lovely there. I am truly dreading the awful summer heat this year.

A Time to Kill was so over-the-top with the sweat. You were supposed to feel all sad and serious during that movie, but I had to laugh at all the glistening going on.

3:52 PM  

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