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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Cool Old Stuff for my Hot Old House

Update: Sorry about the broken and messed up links. They're fixed now. I apparently forgot to upload the new photos of the parlor set and fainting couch ... there's a photo of one of the parlor chairs. I'll post more later.

I'm back and bronzed. OK, I'm not really bronzed. I have never been bronzed in my life ... unless you count those brown patches on my knees and ankles whenever I tried self-tanners. I didn't even set foot on the hurricane-flattened beaches of Gulf Shores, though I did sit out on the balcony and enjoy the view.

Now I'm back and suffering from some sort of mild stomach illness that allows me to feel fine most of the time but then strikes after I eat or drink anything. So I'm home from work today.

But, industrious woman that I am, I couldn't stand to hole up in the house all day. So I went to the first day of Eutaw's Antique Alley Trade Days. We were planning to go on Saturday, but I figured it's always better to get there early and snatch up all the good stuff before someone else does.

My Veruca Salt tendencies came out in full force. But I got good bargains, I swear!

I would name my favorite purchase of the day, but I am pleased as punch with every last item, so I'll list them all:

  • 5-piece Eastlake parlor set (4 chairs and a settee)
  • Upholstered Eastlake chair
  • Fainting couch (that another antique dealer told me I got a real bargain on)
  • 1928 toaster (still works)
  • 1950s/60s GE electric fan (that works like a dream, ahhhh)
  • vintage wooden level (the dude estimated that it's pre-1940s)
  • Pink and red brooch
  • Eastlake full-size painted walnut bed
  • Two Gerbera daisy plants and 1 hot pink geranium
  • Little halfmoon side table

    Total: $1,490. Yes, that's a lot of money, but I got a lot of stuff for it. The best part was when we brought the parlor set home and realized it looks as if it belongs here.

    In spite of my illness - and the unbearable heat - this has been a wonderful day. The only real fly in my ointment - almost literally - is the 15 unbearably itchy mosquito bites I got while put-put golfing at the beach. I wore bug repellant, so I guess I would be one giant mass of swollen red spots if I hadn't. Ah, the Mosquito Queen's work is never done.

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    Greg said...

    Zounds!!! What a haul, and $1,400 sounds like a bargin. I was lucky to get my G. G.Grandmother's 3 peice parlor set. When they shipped it out to me from Tampa the value was estimated to be $1200. That was just a sofa and 2 chairs.

    6:39 PM  
    Gary said...

    Our 4 pc. parlor set was bought at an auction for $1200 which was the reserve. We want to put a fainting couch in our bathroom in front of the fireplace. You might want to check your links, the toaster and table look like the level and the parlor set and couch aren't linking through.

    8:34 PM  
    Lenise said...

    On the other hand, if I saw the parlor set, my mild jealousy might ramp up into something more sinister. I have crummy cheap modern-ish furniture and a nice old sofa that the cat clawed.

    8:56 PM  
    Jordana said...

    That sounds like a great haul for the price. It's a lot all at once, but not so very much for all you got. Fix the links so we can all be more envious. :)

    Welcome back.

    9:20 AM  
    Becky said...

    I have furniture envy!
    There's a neat little store in the mall that has a Victorian sofa and two matching chairs. They are covered in the most beautiful lilac fabric, and they must have been covered in plastic their entire lives because they are in great shape. They guy wants $2,000 for them, which I know is a little high, but I have never seen a set this nice. Why do people like us have to have such great taste :)

    1:09 PM  

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