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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Pruning Juice

A film of dirt and plant goo is sticking to my sunscreen-streaked skin. My feet and back hurt. I have a cut on the business end of my flipping-off finger. I feel itchy just from looking at some poison ivy.

Ain't gardening grand?

We did some serious pruning today. Nearly every plant on this place is overgrown. While this house was up for sale, a gardening service was supposedly keeping up maintenance on the place. More like mowing the grass and nothing more.

We focused our energies on the shady side of the property, and it is looking about 112% better now. Darwin hacked at a weedy, mishmash patch of bushes with a chain saw and the push mower until it was beautifully flat. He cut lots of limbs off the mammoth holly that was crowding our fig tree and pruned too-low limbs on the cherry laurel and a different variety of holly.

Where you see dirt in this photo was this morning covered with bushes and limbs of various descriptions.

We started working on another holly (yet another type) next to the fence but then discovered a bird's nest - complete with baby bird - in the crook of a massive vine and left it alone for now.

What did I do in all this? I was the official limb-hauler-offer girl. OK, Darwin helped, too. Still, I think I got a year's worth of exercise today. Ooh, I hope I'll be sore tomorrow. It has been so long ...

Here's the pile we made in the front yard.

I'm already feeling sorry for the trash collector people.


Greg said...

Loved the shot of the baby birds. Did Mom attack while you were up there?

6:45 PM  

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