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Friday, April 22, 2005

The Great Outdoors

Do you sometimes have to type blah blah blah before you can get your mind straight to type something? No, just me?

Last night we went outside to plant the trees I ordered from the National Arbor Day Foundation (thanks, Kasmira, for posting about their $10, 10 trees deal). In addition to the 10 free flowering trees, I ordered - at a discounted rate - a weeping willow, sugar maple and two hazelnuts ... plus got a red maple and two forsythias free.

Why did I order so many trees when I already have a yard full of them? Good question. Yes, my name is Veruca Salt, and I like to have lots and lots of things. I see it, I want it. Gimme gimme gimme.

We searched for good places to put all the trees. There was a great spot for the forsythias on each side of the front steps. But these inconvenient, overgrown, overpruned, leafless, nameless bushes were in the way. We ran into the same problem with all the other "great spots" in the yard.

So we decided to water the trees' roots and wait till this weekend when can do some more yard destruction.

But since I had gone to the effort of putting on my flipflops instead of my house slippers, I was determined to do something plant-related outside. I finally convinced Darwin to venture into the spider-infested yonder to fetch some of the pots the POs left under the house.

I repotted all my darling herbs, which are growing like mad and were in almost-too-small pots in the first place. Just look at the sage! It's massive! Those plants in the two pots at the bottom are purple coneflowers my lovely neighbor brought me.

I spilled lots of potting soil all over the back steps, while Darwin grew more and more agitated watching me. Hee hee, it's fun to mess with him sometimes. He took over and potted the sage (the last plant) because he just couldn't take it anymore.

While we were outside, I found a package on the front porch. It was my Avon bug-repellant stuff, and it couldn't have arrived at a more opportune moment. I ripped open a towellette and rubbed it all over myself on the front steps, hoping no one would walk by and wonder just what naughty thing I was doing to myself.

The stuff worked great, but since I am mosquitos' most tasty dish, one of the determined little beasts found the 1/4 inch of skin I missed and bit me. On the side of my heel. *Sigh* Maybe I should soak in a tub of bug repellant before I venture outdoors.


Kasmira said...

I'm so jealous! My trees still aren't here. :(
I am also having to do some destruction before planting. 2 yews gone and 2 to go!

1:58 PM  
Kristin said...

Oh, I forgot to say that only the trees I ordered arrived, not the free flowering trees. I typed this whole post and then accidentally erased it, so it lost some things in the retyping. :)

4:53 PM  
Gary said...

Watch those cone flowers. They will start appearing all around your yard. I end up pulling a bunch of them up every year.

10:00 AM  

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