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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Frivolous Junk

I wish this eBay seller was a little closer to me (like, not all the way across the country) because what I really need to make my life complete is an antique popcorn and peanut machine with a little toy clown on top to turn the crank.

It would go nicely with the antique Moroccan slippers I bought from this seller last week.

What can I say? I like random stuff.


Anonymous said...

Whoa, AWESOME shoes. I would also be totally tempted by that machine. Who doesn't need one of those???

Love your old house, too! We had one in New England (built in 1765) before we went overseas, and it was a real adventure! Yours looks like it's in better shape. :-)


1:07 PM  
Greg said...

Wait, you're telling me you don't already have an antique popcorn and peanut machine?!?! I have 2. I keep a spare in the attic. I suppose I could live without an antique popcorn and peanut machine, I mean, if you can call that living :-).

10:50 PM  
Gary said...

What you really need is a Magic Carpet to go with those slippers. I have a pair of pigeons you can strap to it to make it go faster!
I'll even paint them red and put a "go-faster" stripe on their wings just for you!

9:12 AM  
misschrisc said...

Adorable shoes btw. I'm a random-y perosn too. "Randoms" are always more interesting. Anyway, I just dropped by and I love your blog. My compliments on your design: very impressed. Great layout. Oh and the house is great too. Consider yourself bookmarked!

And your cats are amazingly beautiful--especially the stripey one! (Okay, starting to sound like a geek here...too many compliments...time to go)

9:34 AM  
Kristin said...

Susie - 1765! Wow! I have never even seen a house that old. Alabama didn't become a state until the early 1800s, so our oldest houses are from 1818 or so.

Grex - hee hee. I will come to Eureka and eat some of your popcorn and peanuts.

Gary - I will take the magic carpet, but you can keep the pigeons! :) Do we even have pigeons? Don't know if I've seen any around here.

ChrisC - Thank you! *blushing* And there's no way you're a geek because everybody knows all the cool people live in France. :)

10:12 AM  
StuccoHouse said...

Great slippers!! I bought some similar (non-vintage)on a trip to Morrocco years ago. Same color red! Very smooth antelope skin bottoms.

One tip....watch them on stairs :-) Much to the amusement of friends....I slid down two flights of stairs screaming all the way on one foot. Its still haunts me. Slippery little buggers.

12:24 PM  

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