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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Poor Man's Victorian

I made an interesting discovery yesterday at the Tuscaloosa Public Library. I went there to look up the Sanborn Fire Insurance maps (as mentioned on Fixer Upper) but got distracted looking at books about Greene County.

As I was browsing a book I've already looked through, I noticed something I had overlooked before because it didn't mention my house directly.

It turns out that the first owners of my house also built the house across the street that I discovered on my neighborhood tour. You know ... the one I totally drooled over and have done the slow-drive by many many (many) times since.

MJ lived there when she was married to a banker. When the banker died, she built our house to live in with her new hubby, a farmer.

Our neighbors gave us a tour of the house across the street (which is empty and for sale), and we noticed it shared many of the same elements as our house. Similar woodwork, similar fireplace tile. But everything was like a fancier version of what's in our house.

Now I see why. MJ's first house was built on a banker's salary. Our house was built on a farmer's. No wonder ours looks like the poor man's version of the house across the street.



Anonymous said...

Think of it this way, all those fancy details probably require more-frequent dusting.

Fill a house with love, and it doesn't matter what salary built it or owns it now.

– Texas T-bone

10:32 AM  

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