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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Minds on the Gutter

It was sunny and 75 degrees out by 9 o'clock this morning. Ah, Alabama.

Before lunch, we headed out for a stroll around town. You've got to take advantage of the spring while it lasts; in a couple of months the endless, dripping-humid, mosquito-filled summer will arrive in full force.

We got waylaid early on when we saw our sort-of-aunt Judy working in her yard. Miss Judy is a very cool lady. She gave us a tour of her 1904 house, and we turned as green as her carpet with envy. A whole house full of beautiful antiques, a 1917 stencil on the wall in the dining room, a never-painted heart pine entry hall and stairway, all original plaster in mostly-stunning condition. A garden full of ivy, camellias, azaleas and confederate roses, with yellow jasmine creeping over the white picket fence.

But Miss Judy has been doing this old-house thing for 17 years, and we are beginners. One day our house will look like that. I hope!

Miss Judy also lent us one of three extension ladders she had hanging around the place, so Darwin could finally work on the leaky gutter over the back door. When it rains, the gutter pours water down beside the back steps and the foundation. Not good.

When Darwin got up on the roof, he was not surprised to discover who knows how many years worth of leaves and pine straw, solidified into wet, black muck. He scooped all he could out with his hands and then sprayed the rest out with a hose.

I held the ladder. Hey, that's an important job.

The holes in the gutter - it turned out there were two - will have to wait until another day, but at least we're on our way.



Gary said...

Hey, at least your mind is ON the gutter and not IN it!


10:09 PM  
mindy said...

Great job - gutters are important! Before we installed ours, we had water in our basement nearly every day. Now it's dry as a bone!

And hey, at least you were outside with Darwin to marvel at the large amounts of gunk.

10:04 AM  

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