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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Beautiful Saturday

Another weekend, another day of work on the house.

This morning we cleaned out and organized the main room of the workshop in the backyard. When we moved, we basically just chunked all our stuff from the old workshop in there and forgot about it.

But I've been thinking about getting back to work on my dollhouse soon, and I need an organized space to work on it. We found junk we used when working on our first house, an old shack we fixed up and rented from Darwin's great aunt.

Now everything is put away and neat - though not necessarily clean - and we still have plenty of room to spare.

We didn't tackle the back room of the workshop yet because it's gross and stinky in there. All that's in there are these weird glass things Darwin says used to be on top of power poles.

Darwin worked on the bottom half of the cabinets again and installed trim until we ran out of nails for the nail gun.

While he did that, I put together the two white rocking chairs my mom bought for us a month ago. They look great on the porch, and we enjoyed some very pleasant moments rocking and enjoying the beautiful weather.

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Gary said...

Those glass things are called insulators and some of them can be quite valuable. You may want to research the markings before you throw them out. I have also seen them turned into some pretty funky lights!

9:20 PM  
Kristin said...

Never fear, Gary. We are major packrats (OK, I am a major packrat) and would never throw away anything vaguely old. :)

5:05 PM  
Jordana said...

I envy you that workroom. We don't have anything of the sort. Our shed is just big enough to hold a few tools, the lawnmower and a grill.

Do you think you might ever build a dollhouse sized version of your current house?

3:05 PM  
Kristin said...

Our workshop was one of the things that attracted us to this house. It's ugly as the dickens, but it's very useful!

I have thought about making a dollhouse replica of our house. The one I'm building now is from a kit, and I haven't found a kit that looks remotely like our house. But if we get a jigsaw (which I hope to do), it wouldn't be hard to cut the pieces.

4:55 PM  
Anonymous said...

You could make a birdhouse that looks like your home and hang it from the porch (if easy to replicate, you could sell those). Someone around here has a dollhouse resembling their home, and they put it in the front window. I've also seen stylized mailbox versions of homes. Crazy people!

I have a workshop/shed that is 18 feet wide by 30 feet long. My 20-foot 1937 mahogany boat (from my grandfather) takes up most of it, though. Half of my attached garage will become a mini workshop within a month.

– T-bone

10:38 AM  
Anonymous said...

Love the rocking chairs on the front porch! They remind me of the simple white rocking chairs I'm always eyeing at Cracker Barrel...but we have no front porch on which to put them, so I can't justify buying them =( There's something about a rocking chair that just evokes CALM...

Happy rocking!


9:16 AM  

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