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Saturday, February 12, 2005


Thanks for the advice. Here's a photo that will hopefully help illustrate the problem. This is where the brick-print vinyl meets the original pine floor.


jm said...

What? You don't want the bricks? :) (Obviously, I kid)

Hmm. I don't think new wood floors would clash. Our house has two kinds of wood floors...oak (in most of the house) and maple (in one of the rooms). And when a pal redid his grandpa's 100+ year old farmhouse, he had 3 different wood floors because the house "evolved" over a number of years. It actually looks quite charming...the permissive quirkiness of an old house. Since it wouldn't be changing wood in the middle of a room, but in between rooms, you could definitely get away with it looking very nice.

5:42 PM  
Gary said...

With a table saw and a palm sander you could make a nice 3 inch wide wood threshold from an old piece of wood to transition from one floor to the other. Loose that thin brass edge, it makes that appear too drastic.

6:50 PM  
Chris said...

Oh we are busy restoring an old house too and have the same issue with add-ons and different flooring levels etc... as well as really ugly old wallpaper ;-)

We put a slate tile floor in our mudroom/laundryroom and will continue that flooring into the breakfast room (which has only a plywood sub floor under vinyl) and into the kitchen.

I just tore up a disgustingly ugly bright green linoleum floor from our butler's pantry, luckily it has wood under it that is in good condition and will refinish nicely.

And we refinished a wood bedroom floor that had several layers of paint and had been covered with carpeting. Just polyurethaned that floor last weekend.

I have some pictures up on my blog, though my house really isn't the main focus of my blog I do write about it from time to time.

I found your blog from Jordana's blog btw.


1:58 PM  
Kristin said...

I am definitely into the quirkiness of old houses. It's the best thing about them! The thing is it sort of WOULD be changing the wood right in the middle of a room. The center hall stretches from front to back of the house and changes flooring type right in the middle. I can deal with that, just need the right flooring.

Gary, we definitely need different thresholds ... those brass things, ick. Did you see how the vinyl is in like six-foot-wide strips tacked down along the seams? Ugh.

Chris, thanks for stopping in! I'll check out your blog!

3:21 PM  

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