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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Playing Hookie

Update: I didn't see a movie last night. Just as I suspected, my dear husband didn't feel like it. But we are planning to go Friday night and will probably see The Aviator because Darwin loves airplanes and I wouldn't mind being a wealthy movie mogul. Could do without the obsessive compulsive thing, though.

I want to see a movie. I'm tellin' ya, it's been FOREVER. Which for me, means a month. I'm dying here.

Tonight I was planning to go home and work on my house like a good little girl. But now I want to play hookie. I have Oscar-nominated-movies ignorance, but I still don't feel much inclination to see Million Dollar Baby, The Aviator or even Sideways, though my much-trusted sister recommends it. Does that make me evil?

I want to see Spanglish. But it's at the crappy theater with sticky concrete floors, overpriced tickets and damp-smelling seats. So maybe I will compromise and see a "smart person" movie instead.

Or maybe my sleep-deprived hubby will talk me out of this whim ...


Todd said...

T-bone here ...

Last time I saw a movie in a theater was December 25, 2002. The next day, my son was born. My wife's been to see some movies without me, but I sort of miss it. There's no guilt in taking a break from the house; sometimes getting out can give you perspective (even if it's to someone else's house, or the library to read about fixing up houses). Home is where the heart is, but if your heart isn't in the work, go somewhere else!

11:39 AM  
Kristin said...

Not being able to go to the movies whenever I want is one of my great fears about having a child! ;)

9:33 AM  

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