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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Bottom Half Blues

We have finally moved on to the bottom half of the kitchen. Darwin took the doors and all their hardware off last night, and I filled the holes on the cabinet frame.

This morning, Darwin left bright and early to go fishing and I've been slaving away on the kitchen by myself. I think my least favorite part of home renovating is SANDING. I really, really hate it. I hate even touching sandpaper, and when you're sanding wood filler, that chalky dust gets everywhere.

Gives me flashbacks of standing at the blackboard in elementary school feeling like everyone in the class was staring at my butt.

After the sanding fiasco, I was planning to prime all the remaining cabinet frames and the backs of the bottom-half doors. It was going to be the LAST time to prime in the kitchen. The LAST!

Alas, I had forgotten to fill the holes left by the hardware in the cabinet doors. *Sigh* So I went to sanding again and wood puttying again. Another day of priming is in my future.

But I did get this much done:

I won't tell you about all the dried roach carcasses I found in the cabinet or about the horrible, plastic-bag-crumpling crunch they made when I pulled out these drawers.

I wasn't exactly surprised by this oh-so-appetizing find, since this is an old house and this is Alabama. But it didn't make it any less horrifying. I've been steering clear of the whole area since then.

I have a firm policy of no bug-touching.


Jordana said...

One of my least fond memories of Alabama was all the roaches that lived in my Tuscaloosa apartment. Especially the time I found one running through the silverware drawer.

But your kitchen is looking great. It almost inspires me to start on filling holes, cleaning, sanding and painting ours.

4:21 PM  
Anonymous said...

I think dead roaches are one reason somebody smart invented shop vacs. It's really satisfying to suck them up (but then you're left to empty the vac and relive the "joy").

Do you have a sander, or are you doing it all by hand? I've found the Black & Decker "Mouse" sander to be great for small jobs and really efficient.

– Texas T-bone

4:12 PM  
Kristin said...

We've been doing it all by hand, but we need an electric (or air pressure, Darwin hasn't decided) sander to remove the slightly sticky residue from the old laminate backsplash. We'll have to check out the "Mouse" ... sounds cute and non-dangerous, so maybe Darwin would let me use it.

4:26 PM  

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