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Saturday, January 15, 2005

We've Become the Kravitzes

The new neighbors have apparently closed on the house next door. As we peered surreptitiously out the kitchen window, the office window and over the hedge today, commenting on their comings and goings, wondering what the husband was doing kneeling on the ground in the backyard, etc., I began to feel like Gladys Kravitz from Bewitched. You know the one - always poking her nose into Samantha and Darrin's business.

I definitely don't want to be that kind of neighbor, and I don't think we'll end up that way. We've just got a heapin' helpin' of curiosity about the new folks who'll be taking on similar challenges to us - the same commute, the same front porch needing repairs this spring, the same ... um, I'm sure there's something else the same.

Speaking of our challenges, we worked on the kitchen again today.

We're considering the cut-outs-in-the-soffits idea. Darwin measured and drew some squares on the soffits to help us picture what we want. The main issue is that none of our cabinets are the same size, so symmetry is out the window. I like symmetry.

And the dumb old stove vent is in the way.

We spent the morning filling the holes from the old hinges and drawer pulls and finishing up the priming on the stuff that's ready. Then we painted.

The paint color turned out to be perfect (semi-gloss Floral White, by Benjamin Moore). We ended up going with oil paint, and it hasn't been as big of a pain in the you-know-where now that we know about the old aluminum foil/freezer trick.

We're using a small foam roller because that's what the paint store guy recommended. I really like it so far. We've only had to use a brush for a teensy bit of cutting in, but the roller is small enough to handle most things. And the foam makes a nice, smooth finish. Even with only one coat, only on the top half, the kitchen looks brighter and fresher already.

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Jess said...

What's the aluminum foil/freezer trick? Haven't heard that one.

11:45 AM  
Kristin said...

After you finish painting for the day, instead of dealing with the messy cleanup of the brushes, blot off paint, wrap them in aluminum foil and put in the freezer. My mom suggests putting that into a ziploc bag, so the paint fumes won't make your food taste funny.

When you're ready to paint again, just unwrap and go. I found that some of the paint had sort of gelled up on the brush and I just wiped that off. The brush was still soft and everything!

10:46 AM  
Anonymous said...


Looking good - you can see a difference already!


3:16 PM  

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