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Friday, January 21, 2005

Hingey Goodness

Darwin found some more-attractive hinges at Lowe's that fit our home-made cabinets perfectly. We got them in a darker finish than this to somewhat match the pretty new knobs and bin pulls from Rejuvenation.

We would've preferred the totally invisible hinges - the kind that go inside the doors - but those wouldn't work for our cabinets. So we're glad to get hinges that at least don't screw into the fronts of the cabinet doors. Another bonus is that these hinges help the doors snap closed tightly. The way they're configured now, the doors require magnets to stay shut.

The only complication is the new hinges make the cabinet doors poke toward the middle more, so they'll overlap. Darwin is enlisting his dad's help - and table saw - to shave down all the doors. Goody, one more thing to slow down the process.

Darwin also bought all the wood trim for the cabinet faces. So we're all set to finish the job.

But this weekend - our prime working time - we're having overnight guests. We're glad to have them - always glad to show off our house - but I'm feeling impatient to get the cabinets finished. Guess I'll have to be a slave driver on the week nights next week, too.



Jordana said...

When we moved into our house, our cabinets had hinges much like the ones you removed -- only with straps. Changing the kitchen hardware was one of the very first things we did to the house -- after changing every single light fixture -- and the only hinges we found that worked and were price we could afford were those same ones from Lowes. Our kitchens seem to be moving in similar directions.


4:02 PM  

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