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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Compartmentalize Me

The "open plan" built into all the new McMansions has its benefits, but I'm finding more and more reasons to love our compartmentalized old house.

  • When Darwin wants to watch TV in the living room, and I want to listen to the radio in the dining room, we can close the pocket doors and both be happy.
  • We can close off the kitchen while we're painting it, so we don't have white cat footprints all over the house.
  • When we wanted to see our Christmas tree without our feline companions having access to it, we put it in the foyer and closed the French doors. Voila!
  • We can paint each room a different color. No confusion over where to divide up the living-dining-kitchen combo (a frequent issue on Trading Spaces).

    There are also benefits to the one center hallway and the rooms opening into each other.

  • The front bedroom opens into the master bedroom, so it's the perfect spot for a nursery one day.
  • There are so many options for entering and exiting a room. It's nice to have such a flexible home.

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    Busy Mom said...

    We live in an old house, too. I like it for many of the same reasons.

    4:08 PM  
    Todd said...

    Texas T-bone here.

    Couldn't agree more. Most of our friends live in McMansions, and I can't stand them. They don't feel like home at all. Ours is older in comparison, but much newer compared to yours. Even though our 1964 (loosely styled) Cape Cod has a galley kitchen open to the back living room (a mini great room), it's the smaller rooms (like a separate front living room/office, upstairs loft) that lets us use our smaller space for more varied things. The only time it does feel crowded is when we have a lot of people over ... small kitchen, not much seating in the living room. But that's more reason for us to fix up our back yard and open up the french doors when the weather is nice.

    We aren't bound to a certain time period (we're not repainting the cabinets turquoise or re-installing green shag), so it's been fun to fix it up the way we want.

    9:58 AM  
    Anonymous said...

    I have to agree - it's nice to have seperations between different living spaces. I imagine it'll come in VERY handy when toddlers are wandering around. I use baby gates for the dogs at times, and it's great being able to lock them in whatever room I happen to be sitting in. They don't feel neglected, and I don't have to worry about what they're getting into!

    ~Mindy (http://www.onesmallspark.com/home)

    10:56 AM  

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