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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Presents for my Old House

Someone please take my checkbook and credit cards and hide them until after Christmas.

The Christmas season makes me want to spend every dime I can get my hands on. So many pretty things in the stores. So much Care Bears wrapping paper at home that needs something to wrap itself around. So many sales and bargains and no-interest-till-Aprils.

Monday I bought two chandeliers from J.F. Pegan, one antique, one reproduction. It's not that we don't need chandeliers - we most definitely do - but there are so many projects in line ahead of lighting replacement. Like painting, lots and lots of painting.

Then today another good deal came my way - a wonderful clawfoot tub that doesn't even need refinishing. I found the tub at the same salvage place where I bought the two armoires and the trunk a few weeks ago. The outside needs to be stripped and repainted, but I can handle that.

It's deeper than the others I've seen, and it has a wonderful slant on one end. I am already daydreaming about the luxurious bubble baths I'll take in it. I'm conveniently skipping over the part about extracting the current cast iron tub, ripping out all the '60s bathroom tile, replacing it with hex and subway tile, repainting the exterior of the tub, buying new pipes/faucet for the clawfoot, maneuvering the tub into the spot and hooking up the plumbing.

This is not a subject Darwin gets excited about, mostly because he'll be the one throwing out his back moving our current tub out and the new/old one in. That's a lot of cast iron to be moved and finagled.

When we toured old houses in our town, he did admit the clawfoot tubs looked wonderful. But admiring the image of it and making that image happen are two very different things.

Then there's me ... the most strenuous work I'll have to do is signing the check (ouch, I threw out my pointer finger!). Maybe I'm feeling a bit guilty for making Darwin do all this heavy lifting, wall bashing, tile destroying.

But hey, I'm doing the research, right? Anyway, I couldn't pass it up. It was a bargain!

Is there such a thing as Shopaholics Anonymous? And can a person be addicted to two things at once (like shopping and chocolate ... oh wait, or three things - shopping, chocolate and Mexican food)?

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Anonymous said...


Akk, this sounds all too familiar. I haven't bought any large items for the house, but I can't Christmas shop without picking up some little things here and there that we "need" for the house - the latest was throw rugs for the kitchen.

The tub sounds fabulous. One of the things I regret about our house is that neither bathroom is big enough for a clawfoot tub. We've talked about expanding the upstairs one for just that reason :)


9:32 AM  
Kristin said...

Our master bathroom is big enough, just barely. We've got some major reconfiguring to do in there anyway. When I try to figure out how to arrange it, my brain feels like it's trying to squeeze out my ears. So I don't dwell on it for long! ;)

7:51 AM  

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