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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Mental Projects

It's Christmastime, and we're not doing much work on the house. We don't want to get the dust flying just as the in-laws are about to descend. My parents-in-law have been here a few times, but Darwin's brother and sister (and their spouses and kids) haven't seen the house. So I want it to look somewhat presentable when they come over for Christmas dinner.

That said, I can't manage to sit still and relax for any period of time. Even if the hands aren't busy, the mind must be whirring. My mental project for the week has been figuring out paint colors for the house. I spent a long lunch Friday at the paint store contemplating colors and talking with a very helpful salesperson about the challenges of painting in a house with 12-foot ceilings. I bought two little Benjamin Moore paint samples, another blue for the master bedroom and a brick red from the Historical Collection for the living room.

The blue for the bedroom was too dark, but we've decided we like the one for the living room. It's called Georgian brick, and it goes nicely with the curtains and other decor stuff we already have. And it's purty.

Those paint chips are the colors we're considering for the adjacent dining room. I like warm colors (guess that's why I'm having such a tough time with the blue bedroom), and this palette of goldy browns and rusty reds really appeals to me.

Anyway, it's nice to have that one decision out of the way. But I'm still terrified of tackling this paint job, even after talking to the encouraging Helpful Salesperson. The ceilings in particular seem a daunting task. And how on earth do you paint around the crown molding?



Anonymous said...

I like warm colors too - those look great. We painted the dining room ceiling with one of those long-armed rollers, and that seemed to work fine. Of course, our floors are nasty so there was no worrying about drips. We've been bad about following the top-to-bottom rule, but if you can, paint the ceiling first, walls second. If you can get a nice tall ladder you could tape off the crown molding so you don't get smudges on it. Or maybe go around with an edger?

~Mindy (http://www.onesmallspark.com/home/)

2:07 PM  
Kristin said...

Our floors are in pretty good shape ... think they've been buried under rugs for most of their long life. Guess we could roll out some plastic. The dining room would be particularly easy to manage because we have no furniture!

That's a good idea about the edger ... I can't even imagine trying to cling to a ladder while taping. Eeeek. Did I mention the heights problem? Helpful Salesperson showed me a painting tool that has a flat, rectangular foam surface, supposed to be good for cutting in.

The panic is cutting off the air supply to my brain.

3:34 PM  

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